TUKOD (too’-kud)

A wooden diagonal strut that supports the structures of traditional Filipino homes. Tukod also refers to the act of helping others rise from adversity.


Inspired by the philosophy of our founder, National Artist for Architecture Arch. Francisco Mañosa, Tukod Foundation supports the advancement of contemporary Filipino design, art, and aesthetics. We aim to educate our people – especially the youth – to better appreciate our culture and embrace it as a way of life.

Our goal is to provide Filipinos with a sense of place and the pride and dignity that comes with it. Tukod’s projects help improve the physical environment of those in need, especially abused and deprived children. We believe that by supporting them in safe and happy environments, they can grow up to be responsible adults with a strong sense of Filipino identity.




Filipinos nurtured by culture, driven by love of country, and proud of their heritage. 



To empower and develop the youth by creating spaces and events that immerse them in the beauty and diversity of Philippine culture.



To provide the Filipino a sense of place, pride and integrity that come with it.

Partnering with like-minded organizations.



President: Denise S. Mañosa

Vice President: Felisa Lourdez B. Tensuan

Treasurer: Ma. Nora Zenaida C. Roxas

Corporate Secretary: Angela Milagros D. Mañosa

Trustee: Katrina Mañosa , Vincent Tanjutco, Sabina Mañosa



We are Kids for Kids Philippines, a non-profit organization run solely by the youth who all have a common goal of wanting to make a difference. We believe that the youth today can be the change the world needs tomorrow, and advocate on creating compassionate game-changers for the next generation.

126 Aguirre Ave., B.F. Homes,
Parañaque City, Philippines 1718
(632) 842-7499