Conducted last April 30 2019 held at the  Twenty Four Seven Mckinley, 24th St. cor. 7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Arch. Sporer, discussed the branding of the SieMatic, its history, the present of SieMatic Today, and the SieMatic Kitchen Style Collections. He further discussed on the Design Essentials which he focused on the 7 Principles of Interior Design. As per him, interior designing is one of the aspect that architect must consider. He explained that the 7 Principles are as follows:


  1. Balance – is used to illustrate the visual weight of an image. It can either unite a create division. A carefully balanced design lends a sense of stability. An unbalanced design creates disunity or unrest.
  2. Rhythm – it dictates the recurring or organized / disorganised distribution of the elements throughout a design.
  3. Pattern – it makes sense of the visual world through regularity. From man-made objects to organic material and abstraction. Elements of design can be organised in a predictable manner to form pattern. Put simply, patterns are repetitions of the elements of art and design.
  4. Emphasis – it shapes the centre of interest in a design. Colour, space, texture and line work together to determine the focus of a design.
  5. Contrast – it creates when two or more opposing elements are present in a photograph. Light against dark, warm against cool.
  6. Unity – it describes the visual relationship between elements in design and architecture. It helps create a cohesive design.
  7. Movement – it is shaped by the elements and principles of art and design.