Tradition and contemporary design come together in the work of internationally-acclaimed Filipino architect, Francisco Manosa. His striking designs for residences and institutions incorporate vernacular forms and make extensive use of indigenous materials while stretching the boundaries of contemporary tropical design.

As a hallmark of his style, Manosa has long encouraged Filipinos to design their structures with respect to the natural world. His work spans a spectrum of clients ranging from the fabulously wealthy to the very poor. From show-stopping houses and churches to industrial architecture, this book showcases Manosa’s rich and varied career. 

Designing Filipino: The Architecture of Francisco Manosa surveys a remarkable body of work that has set new directions for contemporary Filipino architecture. This coffee table book written by Eric S. Caruncho showcases the works of Architect Bobby Mañosa, from residences, churches, commemorative designs, resorts and hotels, institutions, international expositions and industrial designs. It illustrates works that are truly Filipino in design. The principles illustrated can be emulated by budding as well as professional architects.